Impressions By the Sea

Impressions by the Sea began as a healing medium for me when I lost my wife to a car accident in 2014. I live at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world...Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl and the early morning sunrises inspired me to look at the world differently and to take more notice of the beautiful sights and sounds around us. Losing a loved one is painful and having a quiet reflective time watching God's beauty each morning helped me climb back from a dark place.

We enjoyed collecting sea glass and took so much pleasure in finding these beautiful shaped glass bottles that have been battered by the ocean currents. It became an obsession. Then, one day, I decided to take some of those beautiful pieces and make jewelry. I also enjoy photography and incorporated my photos into this site along with other special items that I thought would be of interest.

Each piece is unique. Each piece is different. There will never be two exact pieces of jewelry made. It's not manufactured glass so every piece displayed and sold can never be duplicated to match. Our goal would be to come as close as possible for anyone desiring a certain piece, color, design. But, that's what makes this so appealing. You will have a piece of the ocean that only you will own.

I design and make all the jewelry myself. There isn't a team of people assisting me. I can custom make a piece for you or substitute charms that maybe are important to you and your hobbies and likes. Just message me with any requests.

If, for any reason, you aren't satisfied with your piece once it is delivered then return it to me for a full refund or another item. My goal isn't to upset anyone but allow anyone who wishes to join me in celebrating life. It's precious and we must embrace each day and we must express our love to our family & friends each and every day. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

I hope you like my stuff. :-)